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As a well-respected editor and influencer in the personal wellness space, I employ a writing style and tonal strategy targeted to your readership. Check out samples of my work below.

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TMS for Depression: ‘A Pre-Eminent Intervention’


Bloated? Here Are 8 Ways You Can Reduce It


5 Painful Effects of Parentification Trauma and How I’ve Overcome Them


What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Chlorophyll Water Every Day


What I Wish People Understood About Living With a Parent With Social Anxiety Disorder


7 Ways Baking Can Boost Your Mental Health

Beth Rush Portfolio_The C Word

Dating a Recovering Addict? 7 Ways to Nurture Your Relationship With an Addict

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5 Easy Ways to Support Your Child Outside of Their Occupational Therapy Sessions

Beth Rush Portfolio_Dumb Little Man

Don’t Feel Like Working Out? Here are 7 Science-Based Ways to Find Motivation

Beth Rush Portfolio_Hello Postpartum

How to Find a Surrogate: What You Need to Know

Beth Rush Portfolio_Blunt Therapy

5 Great Online Eating Disorder Support Groups You Need to Know About

Beth Rush Portfolio_Chris Protein

3 Ways a Personal Trainer Can Help You Stay Accountable for Your Fitness Goals

Beth Rush Portfolio_The Mindful Word

CRYSTALS: Does science support their ability to relieve stress?


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